HerTorah featuring Judy Klitsner Gwendolyn Coffield Community Center


June 5, 2019 all-day
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Gwendolyn Coffield Community Center
2450 Lyttonsville Rd
Silver Spring
Maryland 20910

Hoping to sneak one in! Thank you!!!

SVIVAH invites you to HerTorah: “Biblical Daughters Standing Up to Power” featuring the gifted teaching of guest-scholar Judy Klitsner and Aliza Sperling on the topic of “Devotion.” HerTorah is gathering on Wednesday, 6/5 at 7:15-9:30PM. More details and RSVP at www.svivah.org/happenings. HerTorah is an inclusive, multigenerational women’s program offered in partnership with Maharat. We welcome women 12+ and learners of all levels. Be in touch with Ariele Mortkowitz at connect@svivah.org with any questions. We so look forward to being with you!

Join us for another beautiful gathering with featured guest scholar, Judy Klitsner.

“Biblical Daughters Standing Up to Power” — with Judy Klitsner

How Biblical Daughters Stand up to Power, Paving and Re-Paving the Road to Redemption
In our conversation, we will focus on the narratives of several “daughters” who, at critical points in the books of Exodus and Numbers, push back against conventional wisdom and challenge the structures of power. We will note how the courage of these women, in the face of both political and religious authority, will help a nation recover its endangered path toward redemption.

Plenary Session: How the women of the Exodus courageously lead the nation to redemption
Breakout Session: The five daughters of Tzelofchad change the laws of inheritance

Simple Words: “Devotion” — with Aliza Sperling

Ruth’s choice to follow Naomi to the Land of Israel is totally irrational, born of a deep devotion to her husband and mother in law. We will consider the power of devotion, and how it breathes hope and life into what had been a story of loss and despair.

HerTorah is directed by Aliza Sperling and offered in partnership with Maharat