Jewish Voices of Portugal The Embassy of Portugal


May 21, 2019 @ 5:00 pm – 6:30 pm
Cyntia Silva
The Embassy of Portugal
2012 Massachusetts Ave NW

The Embassy of Portugal in the United States, in collaboration with the American Friends of Lubavitch, DC, is delighted to invite you to the presentation of the new bilingual book “Jewish Voices from Portugal”.  The book will be presented by Rabbi Shlomo Pereira, hosted by The Ambassador of Portugal, Domingos Fezas Vital.

In this book, Jewish Voices from Portugal, the authors focus on Torah commentaries written by six rabbis with direct connections to Portugal. Their works span two centuries, from the middle 1400’s to the middle 1600’s, and were written through tragic historical times and challenging personal circumstances. Their message, however, is universal and highly relevant to our lives today. Paraphrasing the Portuguese National Anthem, this book truly brings to us the voices of our Portuguese Jewish “forefathers” speaking from the “mists of memory” – of a different memory. And, it is to their memory that it is dedicated.

Please RSVP to Cyntia Silva by May 20.