Mussar Vaad/Jewish Spiritual Practice Group for Jewish Social Change Makers TBD


May 5, 2019 @ 12:00 pm
18-54   Tickets
Rabbi Lauren Tuchman

Dates/Location: We will be beginning on Sunday, May 5 and running for four Sundays. The time and location will be determined by the folks who are interested.

This year, I have been privileged to be part of a fellowship through Rabbi David Jaffe’s Inside Out Wisdom And Action Project (IOWA) which seeks to provide a deeply rooted spiritual and contemplative practice space for Jews involved in social change work. Our primary modalities are the study and practice of mussar, as well as text learning, with a focus on chasidut, or teachings from the early Chasidic masters.  I have found participating in this fellowship to be a transformative experience. As someone who has been involved in social change work for quite some time, and as someone who has a deep commitment to inner work, I have long yearned for a space in which my desire for contemplation and deep, spiritual learning could find expression. I am delighted to be bringing this project to DC, and we will be launching after Passover. You can learn more about the IOWA project and Rabbi David Jaffe’s work, including his book, Changing The World From The Inside Out, which will serve as our group’s textbook of sorts at his web site.  here


Details about the group/vaad

The vaad, or Mussar group will be facilitated by Rabbi Lauren Tuchman. Over the course of 4 sessions, the class will explore these questions such as: What’s the relationship between individual and systemic change? How can you stay grounded for the long haul that both kinds of change require? What kind of change work are you called to do in this world? How can you show up as your best self while doing the work?


Through personal and small group reflection, text study and practice, we will explore the topics of motivation, choice, gratitude and rest. Together, we will begin to cultivate a rich personal spiritual practice and explore how we might integrate that with our work for communal and social change.


The vaad will be launching Sunday, May 5 and will meet on four Sundays in total. The time will be determined by the folks who are interested. 

Cost: Cost for the group is on a sliding scale $18-54. Payment can be submitted through the registration form, found here: